Pubster makes customers come back.

And guess what? They'll come back to the coolest pub ever: YOURS. Find out how easy it is to boost up your profits.

What is pubster

it's an easy and effective way to retain your customers and get them to come back to your pub again and again.

How it works

it's an app for smartphones that rewards your loyal customers with free drinks.

Why it works

pubster makes everyone happy: customers drink more and sales increase up to 150%.

Are you ready to see your customers come back?

It's never been easier to gain so much by doing so little


the pubster network.

your customers will easily find your pub through our app.


the Deals you want to offer: Food, Snack, Drink, Shot, Beer.

decide how many coins the customer will need to unlock every Deal.


the poster with the qrcode in a visible position.

that way your customers will be able to collect pubster coins.


the endless amount of customers returning to your pub.

to increase your profits even more, create new Deals and put them up for grabs.

Want to find out more?

Discover the advantages of becoming a pubster partner

Increased customer retention.

with the brand-new, fun-filled service offered by pubster, your pub will be irresistible.

Increased profits.

thanks to pubster, profits increase significantly: up to 150%.

Other advertising investments get optimized.

with pubster, every single promotional activity will become more effective.

Detailed statistics about your pub.

everything you'd like to know about your customers' behavior, and even more.

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